Saturday, July 18, 2009

service announcement

We interrupt this summer break to announce that the seriously crazy lady has gone over the edge. Yes my friends it is true...the neverending task of caring for an extremely large family that thinks they need to eat every single day has driven her completely mental.

There are 8 children still living at home, a son and daughter-in-law next door, and a variety of assorted teenagers always in the house, and they are all hungry all the time...

Did i mention the laundry? the laundry helper has been sick for days, there is so much laundry piled in the laundry room, you could lose a small child . Adding insult to injury, Connor, Jonathan and Ashley all cleaned their rooms, and you can not shut the laundry chute.

We're not complaining over here, oh on, we wouldn't dream of it....we just grit our teeth and smile as Christian who is terribly ill screams non-stop. Alexandra is screaming because he is screaming. Jonathan is fighting with someone because he does, and Ashley thinks the kitchen is clean because she washed some dishes...

When the men with white jackets, and nets come looking for me, tell them i am in the back-yard hiding by the chicken coop, i need the rest.


momoflots said...

I know you are not home at the moment but I am having my own break down at the moment so I am laughing/crying at your post!!! My day has gone someplace in a handbasket and Esther is in her crib screaming because she has not slept all day and still won't sleep and it's 9:30 pm. I usually nurse her to sleep but she is just pinching me and wiggling all over until I can't stand it!! It's 85 degrees and I'm sweaty and itchy and - also NOT whining. I'm about to go check myself into the Home for the Bewildered!!! I am praying for you tonight and tomorrow!! Blessings!!