Friday, July 17, 2009

a rose by any other name

The heat is still unbearable, and to make things worse, we have been hit by the icky, yucky summer crud. I can't send my rambunctious little boys out to play because of the heat warnings.

I have children with a variety of illnesses from vomiting to fever, and ear infections. Ben is also sick, and still going to work in 106 degree heat .

I am thinking about moving to somewhere like Antartica, where i won't have to worry about the air conditioner freezing up or, enormous electric bills to go along with it.

I have even broken my own rule about not using the dryer and air conditioner at the same time. the humidity has been so high, that the laundry is not drying well on the line. A cold front was supposed to come in yesterday, but all we got was thunderstorms, and soaring humidity.

I am not sure these weather people even know what cold front means....I am still waiting for my neighbor to come cut and bale my hay...the rain keeps pushing that back...

I am hoping tomorrow will be a cooler day... something under 100 would be really nice....the children wanted me to buy ice cream or popsicles at the store, but in this heat, there is no way to get them home...

Antartica here i come


momoflots said...

AWWWW!! Yuck!! So sorry!! We're melting here - unaccustomed to the heat at almost 90 degrees. But our heat wave is only supposed to last a few days - and since cool weather is the norm I'm quite sure the weather men are right. I'm praying for your husband out there in the brick yard!!! And for your children's health - summer yuck is YUCKY!! We've had colds and cranky attitudes around here (both contagious - I might add!!!) Praying for a cold spell and healthy kids!!!
You sister in Christ,