Sunday, July 5, 2009

natures' fireworks

Last night we went to the annual 4th of July bash, but it seems the weather had other things in mind. The forecast was for isolated thunderstorms, but the entire southeastern part of the state was hammered.(as my hubby calls it)

As we drove in, the weather shifted with us. Dinner was served with sprinkles, they started the fire-works with a light rain, and shifting winds, by the time we were looking for dessert, the thunder and lightning was putting on its own storm.

Some folks ran for their cars, the rest of us took shelter in the lounge, thank the good lord the desserts were all inside. We decided to wait out the storm, because we knew we couldn't outrun it with (every child in 3 counties), and because we would be driving back into it.

The lightning hit so close, we could feel the ground shake, but we were safe, and dry. It was a spectacular display, just not the one we had in mind. After about an hour the storm had subsided enough for us to head for the car.

Did i mention we were wearing dresses, and they were white, and we were completely drenched, we arrived back home looking like drowned rats or something of the sort. Nicole and I wrangled the wet, cold children and got them ready for bed. I followed suit, and was in bed by 10:00.

I don't think i have been in bed that early on the 4th, ever. We still had a great time, and ate great food, and laughed with very dear friends. And, very soon we will be going back to the Lake for an evening of very great fire-works.


momoflots said...

I love thunderstorms - we don't get them very often here - they are a treat when they happen. Our Fouth was very hot and sweaty but fun just the same!!