Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have been doing the daily advent readings out of The Living Word magazine which I really enjoy, but yesterday I started a new book called the O antiphons. Father Matthew gave it to me a few years ago, and I love it.

Dec. 17 O Sapientia ~O wisdom O Holy word of God
Dec. 18 O Adonai~O Sacred Lord of ancient Israel
Dec. 19 O Radix Jesse~ O flower of Jesse's stem
Dec. 20, O Clavis David~O key of David,O royal power of Israel
Dec. 21 O Oriens~O /radiant dawn, O splendor of eternal light
Dec. 22 O Rex Gentium~O King of all the nations
Dec. 23 O Emmanuel~ O Emmanuel king and lawgiver
In reverse order they spell out Ero cras, or tomorrow I will be there.

This is just a brief outline of the antiphons, and the scriptures from Isaiah and the full readings can be found on line. Thank you Father Matthew for helping me stay focused on waiting for the Lord.

Christmas shopping

Ben and I went Christmas shopping tuesday and wednesday with our little tag along Alexandra. We are trying to cut back on our expenses this year. His bonus was smaller than last year, and while we are very fortunate and blessed, we are really trying to take the focus off the gifts . The children all do their shopping at dollar tree, or they make their gifts. It is so funny to see all of them trying to hide their finds, as they all shop at the same time in the same store. Afterwards, we get a snack and go look at the christmas lights.

This year as I shopped at yard sales, and thrift stores, when I found something wonderful, I set it aside for the children to give it as a gift. I had an interesting time wrapping a few days ago with Sean, Christian, and Alexandra helping me. She liked the tags, she keeps trying to pull them off the gifts.

We still have some shopping to do, but after picking up a few more things, I think we should just stop. How much is enough, or even too much? We are rethinking how many gifts we give, we don't want the focus of the season to be lost in wrapping paper, and how much you get.

My health problems are forcing me to rethink all the things I think I have to do for Christmas to be perfect. I know I can no longer bake 12 different kinds of cookies, breads, rolls, cakes, and pies. I am supposed to cut back, and take care of myself.

Dear Lord help me to be grateful for everything I am still able to do, help me to accept my limitations , do what I still can do with joy.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

1 down 2 to go

Today, on the Feast of St. Lucy, my sweet Alexandra Rose celebrated her first birthday. We had a family party, with lots of food, and lots of fun. Nicole really worked so hard to help me get ready for this party, but even with her heroic efforts, I was way behind schedule. Tiffiany came over to check on our progress, and really pitched in.

I was so tired, I didn't feel well today with my autoimmune stuff misbehaving, I was having trouble getting things done. In fact there are things on my list, I just never got to. I think she had a very nice party. Her cake was really cute, the food tasted great, and she really enjoyed opening her gifts.

Christian liked her little car really well, and there were a few arguments over it. We finally brought his tricycle in and let him ride it. He makes a loop through the downstairs

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crazy cars in Tuckerville

We have had a crazy couple of days here in Tuckerville. I know I say that all the time, but what else do you call it when you have the van in drive, and stop at the stop sign minding your own business, and when you step on the accelerator it goes in reverse. That happened twice on the way home from the Dr. Friday afternoon amongst other tantrums the van decided to throw.

To set all this excitement up , Wed. night, I made the innocent comment, I was recovering from my pneumonia, Ashley was out of the wheel chair, and the little boys were doing well. We would be able to go to Mass on Sunday, for the first time in 2 months.

Thurs. night the 15 passenger vans alternator went out. Ben barely made it home from work, he coasted the last bit to get here. Friday the little van went insane. I thought we had demonic possession, and was about to break out the Holy Water, but Ben said it was the transmission. I am still not convinced.

I am serious, mention church, and both vans break down within 24 hours. I didn't get to go to Mass on Sunday. I find it so frustrating. I need that time with the Lord, I need my soul to be refreshed so desperately, and the craziest things keep happening.

Today, I cautiously drove the crazy van down to the school, because Alexandra broke the phone, and Andrew didn't recharge his. It drove terrible, but at least we were going forward. It wouldn't start when I tried to come home and Ben had to borrow Andrews' car to come rescue me in town. I tried to warn him about the van, but he took off to H'ville to run his errands, and made it about 5 miles before the van went berserk. He finally made it home and the van took its last gasp and blew up in the drive. He walked in the house and said well thats it the van just went to hell and gone. I said what do you mean? He said , it's over, it's dead, it blew up in the drive. It didn't even have the good grace to make around back to the parking lot of dead cars, it's right out front where everybody can see it's dead. I started laughing, I mean what else can you do at this point.

We have 3 cars, and none of them run. Ben borrowed Andrews' car went back to town,bought the alternator, and a few groceries. Stopped by and got his buddy jeremy and proceeded to work on vehicles in 32 degree weather. I am pleased to report, that the 15 passenger van , and Andrews' old cougar are now running. Just to be on the safe side tomorrow I am breaking out the Holy Water and dousing both of them. It couldn't hurt.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


There is nothing quite like 4-H in small town Oklahoma. I have 2 daughters in sr. 4-h, and 2 sons, in jr. 4-h. Friday night was our 4-H talent show and bake auction. Each child is supposed to bring 2 items. That is 8 items for this crazy mama.

I did what any mother of 9 would do, I cheated. 2 plates of coconut macaroons, 2 boxes of chocolate chip cookies, and 2 snowmen cakes. I know if you do the math that only comes to 6 items,but that was enough.

I found out a few days before the show that I was responsible for the grinch aka santa costume. Now the 4-h leader said here is a quick and easy way to make a santa suit. It took 3 stops to find a red sweatshirt that was santa red, not sooner red. Walmart had been sold out of the quick and easy santa trim since october. To my shock and horror, I would have to sew the trim on.

I don't sew very often, in fact Grandmas' sewing machine doesn't work. I got out the measuring tape, and couldn't find the fabric marker, so I grabbed a crayon. I couldn't find any straight pins at all so with my needle and measuring tape, I made measurements and cut the front open. then I sewed by hand all the stinking rotten grinchy trim all over the costume. If I say so myself it turned out awesome. Connor the Grinchy Santa looked great. The 4-H skit went well even if Jonathan hid on stage.

Ashley sang Rainbow for sr. 4-H and Nicole was in a black light pantomine to who am I . It is posted on youtube under God in School. Check them out. Connor and Jon were also in a dance skit. One of the younger girls got stage fright, and was singing a difficult song, so Ashley and her sister stood with her and sang in her ear without a mic to keep her on key.

It was a great night for 4-H . In these difficult financial times, over 1500.00 was raised at the bake auction. That is an amazing amount of money raised in a very small community. It really speaks to the value we place on 4-H.

We still salute the flag, we still believe in God, we still say Merry Christmas, and we all say the 4-H pledge. For my club, my community, my country, and my world.

Monday, December 1, 2008

still waiting

I have always waited up for the boys to come home. From away games, dates, work, friends homes. I have not adjusted well to Kyle moving out. I have the little ones down, the house is quiet,and I can't go to bed, I can't sleep. I am still waiting for Kyle to come home. Everyone has been in bed for hours, and I just sit here waiting for someone who isn't coming home. I even think I am crazy. I see him for a few minutes it seems , every couple of days,but it isn't like he is home. It feels like he is just waiting , biding his time to leave again. And crazy, grieving me, I am still waiting for him to come home.

1 down 2 to go

Sunday, November 1 was so many things. The feast day of St. Andrew my eldest sons name saint. The first Sunday of Advent, and like most devout Catholic mothers of 9, I can't find the blinking wreath anywhere. I got in the closet for a game of hide and go peek, but nothing doing.

I may claim I lost it ,and just make a new one. That would probably be the easiest, and quickest solution.

The most momentous event at our house anyway, was Christian Josephs' third birthday. We celebrated with a circus themed party, the family, close friends, and of course his godparents. Indiana calls them jinginifngg and gingidndkd its in portuguese for anyone who thought I just couldn't spell it. I can't even say it.

Andrew decorated his cake with a spiderman on it. He did a great job. Dad steamed hot dogs in the roaster, it turned out really well. We played silly party games, because it was so darn(oops) cold out there. There were snow flurries south of town,and the wind was blowing like it only can in Oklahoma. All in all my sweet prince was most satisfied with his party, and all his gifts. He did miss Kyle though. Kyle works at Walmart and we won't be seeing much of him for a while.

You thought I was just rambling, that I forgot the whole point of this posting, well your'e wrong.

I often accuse myself, just like in confession of having completely lost my mind because no one but an insane person would have 3 children between Thanksgiving and Christmas, cook both Holiday dinners, plus Christmas Eve Repast and have 3 birthday parties too. Yep, you have found one crazy Mama. We have Christian 11/30, Alexandra 12/13, and Nicole 12/21. Pray for me she wants a slumber party with teenagers and everything. I keep saying stay strong say No. If I survive this year , I may never drink champagne again. i think that is how I got in this predicament in the first place.


Yes, the crazy woman can cook. Thank you very much. I mean come on,I feed a small army on a regular basis. We made Turkey of course with corn bread DRESSING 'cause we don't stick it in anything. Andrew made mashed potatoes with Dad on peeling duty. Tiffiany made the corn and Nicole the green beans. We almost forgot the rolls, but I tossed them in the oven, no harm done. I don't remember who made the gravy, probably Nick, but I know it wasn't me.

We ate lots of food, lots of pie, the kids ate all the whipped cream,and all the cinnamon bread.

In attendance for the festivities Benjamin, Andrew &Tiffiany, kyle & Timmi, Ashley,Nicole,Connor,Jonathan,Sean, Christian, Alexandra & Me. Not to be overlooked, our dear James Henry. He ate Thanksgiving early at his Grandmothers with about 30 kinfolk, so to round out his holiday, he said he'd better come eat some with his white family. He said he had a real Thanksgiving sharing the food and fun with his own family, and his adopted one.