Saturday, September 25, 2010

homecoming 2010

We had a wonderful time at Homecoming on Friday Night..Our favorite candidate..Nicole Tucker of course...she looked absolutely stunning in her bdarling dress..

She decided she wanted to ride in the back of the pick-up, which we decorated with posters, and tissue paper flowers...the flower girl, and crown-bearer rode with her..

The boys won their first football game of the season..a great night for all the girls..and boys..

Friday Night football, Sak-town Style..

Friday, September 24, 2010

File it under stupid questions

Yes, I have 9 children, Yes, I know what causes it, any other stupid questions..Yes, I have a television, I even watch it, sometimes, why do you ask?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

oops i forgot

How did i forgot to blog for an entire month..I am not really sure..I actually thought I had blogged, how crazy is that..

Things are usual..School is back in full swing..Connor is playing JV football..Nicole just finished her softball season today, and starts basketball practice on Monday.

Christian is attending head-start sometimes..we are not the best at getting there..he isn't a morning person, and wrestling first thing in the morning is hard on the Mama..

Jon and Sean are both doing really well in school..if we don't count the 3 fights Sean has been in .

Ashley loves college, loves living in the dorm. and she and her room-mate get along like they have known each other a very long time, not 6 weeks..

Ben, has decided I am over-worked, over-stressed, and over-whelmed..he is sending me on vacation for a week in Fla. I am going to be visiting one of my dearest friends..she and I will be spending some much needed time together..I haven't seen her in the flesh in 18 years..where did the time go..

I am really going to try and remember, not to forget is something i if i can only focus..