Monday, August 31, 2009


It is true, Alexandra comes by her shoe obsession honestly. Nicole and I love shoes. It was bad enough, when she raided my closet, pulled all the shoes off the shelf, and paraded around the house, but now she wants to take the shoes right off strangers feet.

At Shayla's wedding reception, a lot of women kicked off their shoes and left them on the edge of the dance floor. Tiffiany and I had a heck of a time trying to pull them off her feet, and return them to the proper owner. She ended up wearing Tiffianys' lop-lops most of the night.

At the butterfly palace, instead of being totally entranced by the butterflies landing everywhere, she became interested in another little girls shoes, Lola wanted to engage her in conversation with the ulterior motive of running off with her shoes.

We bought the 4 of us new lop-lops at the 5&10 store in Branson for a 1.00 each, however, i did not anticipate the nine hour drive home with her stealing Christians shoes, and wearing hers, his, and mine, yelling lop-lop, lop-lop everytime they fell off. It was quite a ride.

She stole Ashleys' shoes the other day, and they were locked in a full blown argument. A 17 year old, and a 20 month old fighting over shoes. I did what any reasonable rational parent would do, i told Ashley to stop yelling, and give the baby the shoes. Thats' not fair Mom, they are my shoes. Like i care about fair, i just want her to stop screaming lop-lop at the top of her lungs.

i told Ashley, don't you think she has my shoes too...Give the baby the lop-lops...she wears them to bed, she wears them on the toliet, she even tries to wear them in the bath....I just want peace and quiet, and a lop-lop free life....

Sunday, August 30, 2009


What is it with my children ? I really don't think they will be truly happy until the last vestige of my sanity is gone.

Ashley walked out of my bathroom and announced, well, they are gone...What is gone...i reply...the van keys...I flushed them down the my sheer stupidity i had to ask, and how did you do that?

They just slipped out of my pocket and away they went....nuff said....

Addlepated, one of us i am convinced is completely addlepated....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another August Birthday

I have decided August should officially be named Tucker birthday month. We have so many birthdays this month that we kind of get caked out...Ben requested lemon meringue pie for his Birthday yesterday.

I made 2 to make sure we had enough to go around, and a chocolate pie because the littles like it better. We are having the official birthday dinner Wed. evening so that Andrew and Kyle can both be here. I really hate Kyles' work schedule, between work and college, and Timmi, I never see him. He is looking for an apartment in the town he goes to school, and as he works and attends college there, it would make so much sense, but I still don't like it.

Ben has requested roast turkey, baked beans, pasta salad, corn on the cob, and homemade bread for his dinner, I think we will have ice cream sundaes for dessert, as we have already had 4 different cakes this month plus pie....It would be so much easier to just declare a birthday month and call it over.

I have 2 whole weeks until Connors' birthday, I just can't imagine how crazy birthdays must be for a family like the Duggars, when we seem to go from one to another all the time. We have a one in Jan., 1 in Feb. , 1 in Mar. , 2 in April, 4 in August, 1 in Sept. , 1 in Nov. , 2 in Dec. I may never send Christmas cards again, as we go from Thanksgiving to 3 birthdays, and then Christmas.....My Mother accused me of having really bad timing, is that what you call it....

Ben enjoyed his low-key dinner, we are supposed to go out to dinner, and to the movies this week as a treat for him, he is really looking forward to our date, and so am I...

Happy Birthday Honey, I can't quite believe you are 47, it doesn't seem possible that we met 30 years ago. How did it happen, where did 30 years go???? He gets a little annoyed that he looks his age and i don't, but i asked him would you rather i looked older than you, I mean look at Barbara and George Bush, she has looked like his mother for 30 years or so, now that would be bad....

I love you birthday boy, and you still rock my world...and you look good , even if you look your age, i think that salt and pepper hair is very sexy on you....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a nightmare

I have not been able to blog regularly, I haven't really settled into a back to school routine, plus, we have had the little ones down with a virus, then i had a migraine and literally lost 3 days. I couldn't stand or sit without help, the pain medication in order to help knocked me out. I was completely unable to function.

God is gracious though, and my migraine was timed with Bens' days off, and he took over. He lifted me in and out of bed, held onto me, helped me in and out of the shower, what a blessing he was to me, even when he didn't feel like it...

So today, while my house is a little worse for the wear, and my laundry is behind once again,(I may take a vow, to never try to catch up, because it always gets worse when i open my big fat mouth). I am almost out of dish soap, and laundry soap, groceries, and puppy food. Kyle did buy pull-ups for his baby sister, so we do have some priorities....I am still grateful.

As for the nightmare, well it wasn't the messy house, or the upstairs air-condition getting out of balance, and leaking through my living room ceiling before someone, anyone noticed, or the heat-wave again, and the downstairs air-conditioner freezing up, or even 2 puppies in the house, and a potty-training 20 month we yells pee-pee every time she doesn't want to do something , and then expecting you to do the potty dance, and sing the potty song everytime she goes because crazy Ashley made one up, and Lola screams dance every time she pee-pees.

My nightmare involved Glenn Beck. I have to admit, I have been watching him for quite some time, and it is frightening, that I have found in the last few months, he has made complete sense to me. I thought it was temporary, as he is a little over the top, and once the children returned,to school,and some semblance of sanity was restored to me, I would think he was crazy once again.

Last night i fell asleep watching his re-run that came on at 1:00a.m. I was sick, and had gone to see my Dr. but i couldn't see my Dr., I had been given a new one. I needed to be hospitalized, but my insurance wouldn't allow it, and they wanted to put me in the county ward...I argued with the Dr. He said, he had the authority to hospitalize me, against my will , for the good of my neighbors, as i might be contagious. And the name of this wonderful Dr. ? Dr. Glenn Beck......

I have been so angry about the government wanting to interfere in so much of our lives, and while i tend to be very conservative in all my views, i have always felt we needed to have the freedom to make our own life choices, and the compassion to help those less fortunate. I don't want anyone making these decisions for me and mine, let alone some idiot in Washingtion D.C.

Why is it that most people that go into politics, lose their minds once they get there? I have been irritated by the gov. before, i have been angry, but this is the first time in my life, i have been frightened. I am stunned by the arrogance of politicians, and unelected czars, who all think they know better than the poor average folks. We just need some smart folk to make up our minds for us, and decide what is right for us, and tell us what to do. And, the really dumb ones like me, with 9 living children and 12 pregnancies, they probably need to tell me, and others, like me how many children we need to have, because leaving it in Gods' hand just isn't good enough, and we don't necessarily have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Today is Ashleys' 17th Birthday, and I am just not sure how she got to be 17. It doesn't seem that long ago, that i spent a month with pre-term labor, and after many trips to the hosptital, was induced a week early.

The shock and joy of my life, after 2 boys to have a beautiful healthy daughter. Of course we called her him for 2 weeks, trying to adjust to life with pink, and bows and ribbons. I tried everything in my power to turn her into a girlie girl, but somethings aren't meant to be. She got her first pair of cowboy boots at 2, and has been wearing them ever since. She wears her boots with skirts, dresses, capris, jeans, shorts, and yes pajamas. To say Ashley has her own sense of style is like saying the sun rises in the east.

She is definitely my fathers' granddaughter. I call her sense of fashion cowgirl chic. She pulls it off very well, and the cowboys, well when she goes to town, they are whooping it up, yelling out their windows at her.

She is such a tom-boy, that i had to start sending her to school with shorts under her dresses, because she always hung upside down on the monkey bars....her first love was in kindergarten Rowdy Roulston, one of Kyles' best friends, they still are good friends.

Ashley told me in the 2nd grade, mom, i am the only girl at school that wears dresses and bows in their hair, i want to wear what i want now...okay...just keep it decent.

She has had many serious challenges in her life, severe, chronic asthma, that put her in the hospital every year with bronchiitis or pneumonia. Last year was the first in her life to not spend 3-4 weeks down with that. She has been under the care of a pulmonologist for years.

Memorial weekend when Ashley was 12, she slipped and fell, and broke her hip. This was directly related to the years of asthma medication affecting her bones. She had surgery to pin her hip, then spent the next 4 years in and out of a wheelchair.

She had 4 hour surgery last Nov. to remove the pin in her hip. She has a condition from the injury known as avascular necrosis. Her bone is dead, and at some point she will face hip replacement surgery. The fact she is walking at all is a miracle, her Dr. said there is no way she should be able to walk on that hip, but praise God, she is walking, and everyday she is out of that wheelchair and walking around is a gift.

Ashley is a great big sister, and loves to play silly games, and sing silly songs with her little brothers and sisters. She plays the piano, and guitar, and according to her vocal teacher and the judges she has the voice of an angel.

It's a good thing too, she is quite sassy and ornery. It broke her heart, and mine when we were told, she could never ride horses again, or play softball and basketball. She loved to play and was excellent. She has focused her talents on music ever since.

It makes me think of my Grannys saying, when God closes a door, he opens a window....and you ought to see her fly, she has been a joy and an inspiration to me. I am so blessed to have this wonderful young woman in my life, and to call her daughter.

Happy Birthday Ashley Catherine Julieanne, I love you!!!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

day trippin"

I didn't exactly run away from home, but i sort of did. The last week has been so crazy with school starting back up, and Shayla's wedding shower, and then the wedding Saturday night.

Ashley and Tiffiany have both been so busy with all the wedding preparations, i was quite relieved to have that behind us. Shayla made a beautiful bride, and Ashley and Tiffiany were stunning in their dresses as well. I made a few people mad because i sewed the straps on Ashleys' dress, like i care.

Ben reminded me on Sunday morning that we were leaving for Branson when he got home from work, i don't exactly know how i forgot, but i did. We didn't get home from the reception until 12:30 a.m. . I didn't go to sleep until sometime after 3:00 and then i had to pack for the 4 of us.

I am usually not so unorganized, but i didn't finish packing and cleaning my room until 5:30, i got in the shower, and looked almost ready when Ben got home at 6:30. We ended up leaving about 8:00, and drove as far as Big Cedar and stopped for the night.

We drove into Branson the next day. We had a nice time, it was very low key, we took the little ones to the Butterfly Palace, and wandered around historic Branson, our favorite stops were the 5 and 10 store. They sell everything you didn't know people still made, and more. It is unbelievable. Every where you look is something you remember, but haven't seen in years.

We also loved,loved,loved the candy shop. We bought a little of this and a little of that. It was yummy!!!!

We stayed in this condo right, so picture, 2 middle people longtime mom and dad rent a condo with 1 bedroom and a fold out couch. They arrange for a crib for the baby, and think everything is fine. Well on arrival they discover that while their are 2 bathrooms, there is no bathtub. Thats right, no bathtub, oh except for the monstrosity in the master bedroom. An enormous jacuzzi tub.

Have you ever tried to bathe two little bittys in a tub that is 4 ft high and about 7 ft across? I was not pleased. It is impossible to corral and wash children when you can't reach them. On the plus side, when they wanted to go swimming, and i didn't like the pool very well, i was able to persuade them to swim in the jacuzzi...

Ben thought we could relax, and have a glass of wine and soak in the tub,until i said do you have any idea how many old and wrinkled butts have sat in that tub? We did enjoy sitting on the patio and watching the lightning storm. It was awesome..In fact it was the only show we saw in Branson, because unlike 99.9% of the people their, going to see people pretending to be someone else, or going to see shows of entertainers from 20-50 years ago is just weird to me. I know everyone needs a place to earn a living but, this is strange...the legends show...all people dressing and singing like someone else...why????

I am just so unimpressed with that stuff.

I like holding hands with my husband, quiet dinners(well relatively) with my family and listening to our choice of music.

I like to get away, but i was really looking forward to getting home, and sleeping in my own bed. More about that disaster later....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year

It's the most wonderful time of the year, with kids jingle belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer~It's the most wonderful time of the year.

We are less than 24 hours from Mamas #1 Holiday, the first day of school.
We are trying to put together outfits for the little boys that meet my criteria of neat, clean and presentable.

Jonathan and i are in full battle mode over what is appropriate for little boys to wear to school. I think his nice button up shirts look good, and he prefers old, ripped, stained you know cool clothes. It is pitiful when a 10 year old cries over what you want him to wear...

Sean is easier, here, put these on....

Connor has his own ideas of what to wear, and since he is starting jr. high, i am letting him have a little more freedom.

I never pick Nicoles' clothes, we have wardrobe consultations everyday, over everything she wears. She is such a fashion diva....and then there is Ashley, all cowboy boots, all the time, dresses, skirts capris, it makes no difference...she wears cowgirl chic...

I will dance on the sidewalk when the bus comes, i will wave madly, i will sing silly songs, i will go back to bed. Ah for peace and quiet....the first day of school...I will only have 2 children at home after having 9 home all summer, thats a cake walk....speaking of cake...i think we will have a chocolate cake tomorrow night in honor of the holiday...the first day of school

Monday, August 10, 2009

the gift that keeps on giving

A church lady called last week to see how i was feeling,(i am ashamed to say i haven't been to church in 2 months) and see if i could use any tomatoes. Andrew and Jonathan drove to Konawa and came home with 3 huge boxes of tomatoes.

We ate some, froze 3 dozen, and put up 25 quarts. I am not even sure i like tomatoes right now. In a few months when we are enjoying them, i know my attitude will have changed, but for right now i just want a nap.

While i am on the subjects on naps, Alexandra got me up at 6:00, she took a nap, but i didn't get one. Between a teething baby and my birthday present(2 chihuahua puppies) i still maintain my husband is crazy, but i love him anyway, i am not getting any sleep.

The puppies are named Gus, and Dixie Belle, and combined they don't weigh a pound. We really have to watch the babies with them.

That same church lady called today, and wanted to know if we could use any cucumbers, and she will have more tomatoes, and okra...yeah!!!! I love having homegrown vegetables, put i really think i hate the whole canning thing.

Don't tell Granny she thinks i was brought up right(maybe i was since i can first, and hate later)Oh well, maybe we can just eat the stuff, and i won't have to can anything?


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Monday was my birthday, and my family pulled together to make an angel food cake, and a lovely chocolate sheet cake. They served it with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries. Yummy.....

Ben made my favorite dinner, chicken parmiagiana and spaghetti with marinara sauce and garlic bread. It was wonderful . Tiffiany and Nicole helped Ben cook. We had afull house for dinner. The children played music, and we ate.....

My mom sent me some lovely pink cotton pajamas, slippers, a new purse and a few other items.

Ben and I had to drive to OKC for a follow up visit at Baptist Hospital the next day ,we decided to do something special. 1st i received a clean bill of health, and after praising God and being thankful we decided to go to the art museum and see the impressionist exhibit.

We enjoyed the art work, and especially dining at the museum cafe. The food was lovely, especially the creme brulee. //////we shared our dessert and held hands and kissed.

It is such a relief to know i am cancer free, and we have so much living to do now that we are out of the shadow of fear. He told the girls to sweep and dust the bedroom for me, and straighten the bed and make it. Pile on the candles, get out a bottle of champagne and lock the door.

A locked door is absolutely necessary for a happy marriage. I had a very lovely birthday, and i hope this is just a precursor on how the upcoming year will be... May god bless us, and continue to keep us safe, and whole and happy.

The only thing that would make things perfect would be if they would bake me another cake. the hordes of locusts at e my birthday cake while i was at my dr. appt. and i wanted a piece.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

back to school

We have started the back to school count down around here. We have 10 days until the first day of school . We are looking for backpacks, shoes, taking inventory of the childrens clothes. I have a running list of who needs what.

It looks something like this... Ashley needs absolutely everything from underpinings, to new jeans, dresses, skirts, tops and socks. Her yellow converse, and cowboy boots are in good condition.

Nicole needs socks, thats it, socks and a backpack. I never saw a child with more clothes than Nicole. Billie hit several yard sales and bought them out. I found some really cute tops and jeans at the salvation army for .25each. She wants a particular type of backpack, she can buy it with her allowance.

Connor needs socks, boxers, and jeans. Size12 slim to be exact. Not the easiest to find. He has plenty of shirts, and a new back pack courtesy of Billie.

Jonathan, well he is a whole other story....we never know what he has, or where it is. Jonathan and his clothes drive me absolutely batty. He has no socks, no boxers, no pants, no shirts, and no shorts. The laundry chute ate them, the laundry basket hid them,Jonathan threw them away, take your pick.

Sean Patrick is in pretty good shape. He has several nice pairs of denim shorts, he has jeans and khaki slacks. He also has several nice shirts, and plenty of boxers. We do need to buy some new socks. His backpack from last year will make do.

Christian is not going to school, but he has tons of clothes. He rarely outgrows things. I need to go through his things, and sort them out again. He is so tiny, he could still wear an 18 month in the waist, but needs a 3 in length.

I am sending everything they don't need to the consignment shop. I am tired of picking up the same clothes and washing them over and over again.

I am not ready for piano lessons to start up again, and the girls just reminded me, that they start on August 5th.

Someone told Sean Patrick it is time to get up early, and he has been up by 5:00 everyday this week. I am so tired i could cry. The 3 babies have been up this morning since 4:45, i hate morning. There isn't enough coffee in this house to hold my eyes open. Even Maggie is irritable.

On the plus side, once they start school, we can go back to bed, pull the covers over our head and sleep in peace and quiet. Only 2 children in the house. It might seem empty(nah)quiet. Now if i could only do something about that stupid rooster ....