Friday, July 10, 2009

Boomer Sooner

Andrew and Tiffiany took me to town Wed. I had some errands to run, and like always the vast horde of locusts known as my children had struck again, and we were out of food. I just cringe at the amount of money we have spent on groceries this summer. The children seem to be hungry all the time, and my efforts at economising have failed miserably.

While Andrew was driving, i looked at the horizon, and was startled to see an enormous wall cloud. It was horse-shoe shaped and virtually wrapped around the town. I could see cloud to cloud lightning, and rain and funnel shaped rotations dropping out of the clouds. I was a bit anxious and made Andrew call home to check the weather.

When you are 21 you know everything, and my son proceeded to tell me no worries mom, it isn't enough rotation for a tornado....i told him to keep his eye on those clouds, and he replied do you want me to watch the road or the clouds? Both you smart aleck....

We made it home safely, but over the course of the next 12 hours, we were in for quite an exciting storm. The nws reported over 2000 lightning strikes during the course of the thunderstorm, but thank God no tornados...

I ended up with 3 children in bed with me, and Ashley and Nicole in the living room...Things are back to normal with the temps. over 100 again. It has been a topsy, turvy summer, and as usual i am right in the middle of it..


momoflots said...

Wow!! How very cool is that!!! I know - I wasn't there or my thoughts might be different but thunder storms are so very rare here!!! Although there is a chance for some tonight - I was just telling my hubby how cool it would be if a rip-roaring thunder storm parked right over our house for a while! Might make our grass green again too :0)!!! Hope you are feeling well lately!!!

P.S. I can't seem to fill up our kids either and they are always saying how there is No food in the house and I think I go to the store at least three times a week to get more milk, bread and fruit!!! (Even though we have an acre the store is right down the street - which is handy for hungry kids and for my hubby's second job!)