Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It was a very unpleasant discovery this week. A stray dog made its way onto our property sometime early Monday morning, and got into our hen house. It killed 4 of my laying hens. We were getting 5-6 eggs each day from our beautiful hens. The children really enjoyed (and so did i) checking the hen house, and collecting the eggs.

We only have our rooster, and 1 hen left. I am going to have to start buying more eggs, and more hens. We are suppposed to get a few layers from Rosemary, but they will not be laying until fall.

We are still on the look-out for the return of the chicken killing dog. Pepper chased him away, and so far he hasn't returned. I hope he doesn't, because one of us will have to shoot him. Strays are not only dangerous to live-stock, but pets and children.

Every evening when Ben and I take our walk the chickens would follow us, and we would lock them in their hen house. It is a lonely walk with only 2 chickens to chase us. I bribe them with apple peels or strawberry tops, watermelon rinds, these are happy fat chickens. Too bad they made a meal for a very ugly dog.


momoflots said...

Oh, how sad!!! My chickens got eaten by a raccon or possum a couple of summers ago and then our coop got destroyed in a storm so now we don't have chickens. Somehow a chicken coop is at the bottom of my husband's to do list! I hope it gets to the top soon - there is nothing like homegrown chicken eggs!!!