Sunday, July 12, 2009

the Holy Sacrifice

Fr. Adrian came for a sick call yesterday afternoon, he brought his goodie bag(he offers Mass twice on Sat.s at the prison), and offered to say Mass in our home. This was a new experience for us.

It was really lovely, the children doing the readings, and Fr. Adrian blessing us with his vocation. We sat around the kitchen table, and worshiped and prayed together. His homily was sweet and to the point. It did wonders for my soul to receive the eucharist, and then to be annointed with chrism oil.

I am so very grateful, it is unusual for a priest to say Mass in a private home, but Fr. Adrian said he would be back, and would send Eucharistic ministers in the mean time...he knows how important it is to stay connected and focused on Christ.

I am trying to stay focused and positive, but i am afraid...I dread round 2 of the Dr.s tests which will be unpleasant at best...Everyone around me says it will be ok, it is not going to be cancer. Only time will answer that...but, for now i am going to try to keep my fears and worries at bay... I am going to focus on the job at hand, some days it is house-work, and chasing children, on bad days it is laying down, holding the little ones and reading or singing to them.

I even calm myself by singing to myself...i love old hymns and sing them often. I really love hymns in latin, because i feel connected to the generations of believers that have sung them for centuries...

I am mediatating on my verse Psalm 46:10 /be still and know that i am God...I also keep running another Psalm over and over Fear not for i have redeemed thee...I have called thee by thy name, thou art mine...

I know life is uncertain, and we have no guarantees of tomorrow... my plan and goal is to be a wife and helpmeet to my dear husband, and a mother and guide to our children, the rest is in Gods' hands....


momoflots said...

Oh, I am so glad you had that time to worship!! I am not Catholic so don't have the same traditions but I know how hungry for worship time I get when I have to miss church - especially communion Sunday!! Communion brings me back to the basis of my belief - the Sacrifice of our Savior for my sins and His gift of redemtion and eternal life!!! I am so glad even though our worship may be different we believe in the same Savior!!! I am praying for you and asking God for peace and healing. I love old hymns as well - how awesome that you know them in Latin!!! When life is hard for me I always use the saying that Elizabeth Elliot said "Just do the next thing" some how just doing the next thing the best I can and doing just that - for God- helps!!!
Praying, praying, praying for you!!!!
Your Sister in Christ,
P.S. What is the reference for your "other Psalm" about not fearing? I have made it a mission in my life to memorize all the verses about fear that I can find (I heard there are 365 verses about fear and anxiety)