Saturday, July 25, 2009

boys will be boys

You know you are the mother of little boys when...
there are frogs hidden in a bucket in the closet, and in the bathtub. are grateful if you only find rocks in your dryer. receive lots of sticky hugs and gooey kisses. receive rocks as a regular gift. are very wary of anything that starts out mom, can i keep it... have to give daily instruction regarding the use of soap, water and towels... go to use your breast pump for an emergency, and discover the horns have been confiscated as impromptu guns, and you no longer have one..
...ketchup is good on everything, and i mean everything. matter how big they get, or how little they still are, boys always need their mama..
...i know this to be true, because i have 6 sons, and the mama, i need this, or mama i lost this never stops.
...the very best thing about being the mama of lots of boys, is they always think i look beautiful, even when i know i don't.
...the worst thing about boys...they smell really bad...really bad, my girls don't smell like this. Sweat, dirty socks, bait, bugs, dogs, and some other things i am really afraid to identify....


momoflots said...

Hahahaha, I just love it!! You are right - I love it when my boys tell me I look nice when I feel really fat and frumpy!! But they do smell bad and I don't know HOW their socks get sooo dirty!!! How DO they get so black?!!!! My girls socks never look (or smell) like that!!!