Tuesday, March 30, 2010

spring shenanigans

Our computer has a stinking rotten virus, and i am reduced to borrowing Andrews' laptop.

Ashleys 'bout with bronchitis again set back her recovery, but she returned to school again today. Her wound has re-opened and she is very frustrated. She is trying to get caught up at school, but it will be an up-hill battle.

I am helping her with her term paper in my spare time.

We are running in circles, if i had a tail, i would try and catch it. Ashley has so much to do, lots of senior activities, and lots to catch up. Nicole is running track and playing soft-ball. She is also involved with the large girls choir Defined and the girls will be competing in Orlando In July.

Connor is running track, and playing base-ball. Jonathan, track and piano. Sean piano and little league. He is quite a ball-player, and excited to be on his 1st team.

Ashley is competing in Orlando individually, with a guitar and vocal performance of her version of I need you to love me. She is also in the small choir 5g's that made nationals. The next few months will be a challenge.

Christian and Alexandra spend their days finding things to get into. I should know better than to be surprised, but i still find myself shaking my head at the antics of my little ones and thinking unbelievable.

Alexandra decided to cook in her Dora kitchen, and someone left the salt and pepper on the counter, and the eggs out. She dumped them into her sink, and mixed them all up.

Christian, came in and told me, sister is cooking in her kitchen, thats nice, and i continued folding the laundry. No really Mama, she is cooking with eggs, I ran to her room, sure enough, she was cooking with eggs.

Now that it has warmed up some we have had a case of spring fever, and sat in the yard yesterday, and watched them ride their bikes. It was fun, enjoying the sunshine and watching the children play.

Ben is back to working on the bathrooms. They have battled with the gas lines, and gas company for 2 weeks, and still no gas. They now suggest we replace all our gas lines, completely update them. The only problem is, we have over a mile of gas line, and the expense of replacing them will be astronomical. We are considering the option of going all electric, which will also be expensive.

We are praying about it, and still camping in our house. One thing about living out here, life is never dull, and as Fr. Adrian, says so we persevere.

I am hoping for a peaceful holy week. A prayerful time for all christians as we approach holy thurs. , good friday, and Easter. I would hope for a peaceful time, but at my house that would be asking too much...Blessings and Happy Easter


Julie said...

This post made me tired just reading it!! Your family is so busy!!! I hope you have gas soon!! :)