Tuesday, March 16, 2010

not complaining but...

We have had some spring weather, and it has been so nice to have sunshine, even if the wind is a little too cold for me.

Alexandra and Christian helped me weed, the front flower bed, and I cut a few daffodils to bring inside and brighten things up. I may end up cutting all of them on Friday. It is supposed to be beautiful on Friday, but, Saturday morning a snow stormis supposed to blow in , with temp. back in the 30's and blowing snow.

I am praying they are wrong, very,very wrong. It will be awful to have a huge drop in temps. as our gas was cut-off tonight, and our meter was pulled and plugged.

Our neighbors had a gas leak in their well house. The gas company determined that their water softening unit was leaching salt water into the ground surronding their system. The gas line to our house, and my other neighbors were pitted from the salt water, and corroded. The lines have to be replaced, and it is our responsibility and at our expense it will be repaired.

I don't know what it will cost, or how long it will take to have it fixed, but we have one hot water heater, which is connected to the kitchen, 2 bathrooms, my washing machine, and of course my cook stove.

I could cry, I don't even know how i am going to manage. I guess like we did when we didn't have water, or electricity...

We already have so much to do, and so many repairs to make around the house, and then something so major, that is urgent...we don't know if it is something Ben and the boys can work on or if it has to be signed off by a plumber...

Ashley is recovering, but so slowly. She still has no energy, and even going to school only 2 hours a day exhausts her. She needs to go full time starting next week, but i don't know how she is going to make it.

Tomorrow is the beginning of spring break, and i have planned to do some serious spring cleaning and sprucing up. Ben repaired the wall paper in the entryway today, and he plans to paint and paper the bathroom/laundry room tomorrow.

I bought some containers of paint samples, and would love to paint the living room and dining area before Ashleys' graduation party in May. I also would like Ben to finish my bathroom and repaint my bedroom. I know we only have 2 months, but i would like to believe in miracles.


Julie said...

I'm sorry you are having some yucky times :(. Get those strapping young men to help you out!!!!